Surfing to .. Myanmar

The Home page of the Central Statistics Organisation of Myanmar ( was very sparsely populated on the day of my visit. Several other links to the site appeared at the top of the references from a search for ‘Official statistics Myanmar’ – but each had a security certificate error.

On the left-hand navigation the link to ‘Quick access’ gave a different list of possibilities from the visible list below it. I chose ‘Selected indicators’ to see if I could find the CPI information. This link tried to get me to log onto windows security twice and then produced the table of CPI data along with two charts. The first chart of the index had a baseline of 0 and the second had two identical measures side by side with different wording! For population, I looked in the selected indicators but to no avail. The first element of the quick access is Myanmar in brief and the second page of that has two tables of population data. The data in these tables were centred in the columns and one datum in the second table had one decimal place less than all the other figures. One page further into the pages has a table with left-justified data. Within this indicators part of the website other presentations of information were noted, including three-dimensional block charts, but some tables were presented correctly with right justification and thousands separators. The foreign investment table needs urgent attention: some data needs rounding, some require the thousands separators and one column had blocks of data right, left and centre justified

Beneath the quick access part of the left-hand navigation other links commence with a plus sign – which is not hyper linked to further detail! The third element, Survey Highlights, reports on a 2006 survey: the table of data presented does not contain any thousands separators and some of the data would benefit from additional rounding (to the nearest million at least). The Market Price link gives daily price data for selected commodities!

The CSO News only had one news item from 2014 but 26 from 2013: and the fifth news item down, News 23, appeared on screen as a series of boxes with odd words scattered throughout.

This site lacked quick access to the main statistics that people search for and needs to have a consistent look and feel throughout. Standards of data presentation need to be set and adhered to. These elements are essential to a good site and need to be set before any further development.

Happy surfing over the summer. The reviews will return in September.

This review was undertaken by Ed Swires-Hennessy using Internet Explorer version 9.0 on 31 July 2014 at 14.30 hrs. GMT using a 100 Mb link to the Internet on an Intel Core i3-2100 3.1 GHz machine.

This and reviews since January 2009 are published in the blog; earlier reviews are published to my website,

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